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Welcome to Godly!

This site explores all things Godly and is dedicated to helping you live a Godly life. So what exactly does Godly mean? To get that answer, we first must ask - who or what is God?

The definition of God is generally perceived as a Supreme Being who created the Universe and possesses infinite knowledge, power, presence and goodness. God is often seen as possessing masculine qualities and conjures up images of a "Father" figure.

Religions have various names, visualizations and concepts of God but they all seem to share a common belief in a divine, higher being. The way in which religions devote and worship this higher being also contributes to their understanding of it. Fasting, kneeling, singing, abstinence, clothing, statues, mass gathering, animal sacrifice are just some of the few ways that people show their devotion.

Just as there are different ways to express their devotion, there are also varying levels of commitment. Some people are happy to go to Church once a year on Christmas Day, while others are willing to commit suicide in a dramatic fashion and kill others in the name of God.

Although there are religions that are thousands of years old with a solid foundation of books (such as the Bible or Koran), followers, sacred sites and houses of worship (mosques or churches), a new understanding of God is beginning to emerge that diverts from the traditional.

Lurking underneath all the contrasting concepts of God is a fundamental truth that's bigger than religion itself. It's not something that can be explained and compacted into theories, scriptures or prayers. It's not something that can be labeled. It's not as simple as believing that God is a man who lives in the sky.

This rising, alternative understanding suggests that perhaps the best way to know God is to know yourself. In essence, it is accepting the power of our own spirit and understanding that all beings are one. It's the belief that we are all connected in someway, somehow, and therefore we should commit to practicing goodness in our lives.

Living a Godly life needn't be restricted to theological beliefs within the realm of religion, for doing so tends to reject other people's reasoning and spirituality. Living a Godly life means integrating core values that reflect the spirit of God, such as grace and peace, in our character and in our relationships.

This site will explore a range of religions, theories and arguments on all things Godly. It will also seek to guide you to live a Godly life, whether it's a personal, spiritual journey or with respect to your religion!