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Isaiah's Great Message of Christmas

Isaiah 61:1-3 • Luke 4:21
Intro: The message of Isaiah's Prophesy concerning the ministry of Christ. It was to be a caring and sharing ministry. Christ was to bound up the wounds of the people of God and bring new hope unto all the world. No wonder the angles of the Lord Declare in song Glory to God and peace towards man.

I. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. These words declare
the source of the Power of Christ in his ministry

A}. His Power and strength came from the Spirit of God.
1. After his temptation in the wilderness Christ
began his ministry to those in Need as he
returned to Nazareth he declared that the
Prophesy of Isaiah was fulfilled in him. luke 4:21

B}. The Spirit of God came to Minister unto those in Need.
1. The Spirit OF God empowered and commission his
Son to:
2. In like manner today God spirit empower and
commissions his servant to minister in his

II. The Ministry of Christ was:
A}. To Preach the Good News to the poor:
1. Salvation is Come
2. Forgiveness is available
3. Sins Bounds are Broken in Christ.
4. The Day of the Lord was at Hand.

B}. Bind up the broken hearted...Bring Spiritual Healing

C}. Proclaim Freedom to the Captives...Sins Hold many in
bondage, but Christ can set us free.

D}. There is Release from Darkness for the prisoners
Behold a great light...Christ is truly the light of
the world.

E}. Proclaim the Year of the lord Favor: God was
dwelling with mankind. God was acting in forgiveness
God was pouring our his favor upon those who would
receive Christ

F}. He was to declare that there would be a Day of Divine
Vengeance of our God. His favor doesn't negate
judgment day.

G}. To Comfort all who mourn....

H}. Provide for those who grieve in Zion....

III. His ministry was to replace:
A}. Bestow upon those who believe a Crown of Righteousness

B}. Instead of ashes, Oil of Gladness

C}. Instead of moaning garment, Garment of Praise

D}. Instead of spirit of despair, they will be called OAKS
of Righteousness.

Note A PLANTING OF THE LORDS for the Display of his SPLENDOR