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The Ultimate Requirement

Micah 6:8
Intro: The Bullfighter demonstrates their skills by getting as close to the horns of a bull as possible, Before stepping out of the way. We often have such a attitude towards God Lets get as close to the world as we can with out actually sinning. What Does God Require?
Like wise we often associate "Duty" With rules:
I can't do this! I must do that!

Qt. Is this what is at the heart of God's requirement? The answer are found in the broad realm of Principles, rather than in the narrow realm of details. The passage speak of he Ultimate requirement of God for his own.

I. Action: to act justly.
A}.To whom God only? Or to all?
1. Love obedience Praise the priority in our lives to God.
2. Love the neighbor, and act justly with him...as
unto God.

B}. Secondary things are not as important. Vs 7:
1. God would rather have your spirit than
all your thing with out you.

C}. What is due God Proverbs 23:26
1. God desire your Heart..The center of you being.

D}. The way of meeting God's requirement. Vs 8.
1. Romans 12:10 Brotherly Love.

II. Attitude: Love Mercy:
A}. Mercy make all the difference.
1. We're Human and we sometimes fail. Mercy makes the
a}. trials of Ind. and well as groups.
b}. difference in personalities states of Grace.
c}. Unknown pressure.
d}. Things not always as the appear.

B}. Mercy of Love.
1. Post pones belief of wrong in other, as long is possible
Believing only the best of Others.
2. Love shall cover the Multitude of sins I Peter 4:8
Love can forgive even the wrong.

C}. Mercy of Remembrance
1. We all need to remember we are tempted.
2. Remember to get the beam out of our eyes as This morning Ill.
3. The merciful shall receive Mercy.

III. In experience Walk Humbly with God.
A}. We need the Holy Spirits conviction for Suggestion as
how to walk Humbly before God.
1. He makes overtures.
2. He seeks us {ILL} God called Adam in the garden.
3. New Christians.." The lord sought Me!"

B}. We need the lord mercy in Crisis
1. salutation Mat. 1:21 He shall save"
2. Sanctify {Paul}
Being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.
3. We need him daily in our lives.