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Hand Writing on the Wall

Dan 5:5-9 25-30
Intro: Today we can see the Handwriting upon the wall. any Historian, Sociologist can look at our culture and Tell where we stand in relationship to other that have gone before. They tell us we are on the Down hill slide with no brakes. Our family are at war and under continual siege. Our Cities are struggle just to hold down the fort. etc.

I. God's warning and Judgments have been written Down.
A}. Read and Learn:
1. Prophesy...Nation Will arise against Nation father
against son. etc.
2. News Paper: shooting after Drive by Shootings
Abortion battles Corruption/Political/ Even religious
3. Signs in Phy. world: Earthquakes in diverse Places.
More Death and destruct Last 20 yr. Diasters: Hurricane,
Tornado etc. Famine flood.

II. Today many are starting to be Troubled. Calling for
Revival. or New world Order, or reform.

A}. Don't be lead astray Vs 7 Seek the incorrect source
of information it will not guide you to the true.
1. Astrology, Horoscope, Politician etc
They only say what they believe we want to hear.

III. Vs 25 The days tribulation and Destruction.
{ILL} Jew to be scattered.

1. 2000 days of punishment.
2. Generation that see their return WILL not pass
away Till Christ returns
3. There shall be wars and rumors of wars.
4. As it was in the day's of Noah.
5. Days are number for the world: yet so are our
days as well.
a}. Drink, smoking, are known to shorten life

IV. Judgement Vs 27.
A}. Christ shares that there would be judgment of Nation.
He also shares that there would be a General Judgment
of man for sin. He taught that there would be an accounting
for our talents and how faithful were in their use.
1. Personal Judgement for sinner...all accept.
2. Christ shared a Judgment for Christian
in regards to How faithful we were.

V. A pay off for the interpation would not bring reprieve Vs 29
A}. Daniel received the reward offered. Still the kingdom
of Babylon was turned over.

B}. God's word is sure. Vs 30

His Name is wonderful
Isaiah 9:6
Intro: Tonight let us begin to think about the real meaning of Christmas. Tonight I want to share with about the Wonderfulness of his Name. Indeed Christmas make the birth of a wonderful Savior.

I. Christ is the wonderful in His BIRTH.
A}. He is God's Gift to us.
B}. He is an Unusual Gift...
1. He is Man ("unto to us a child is Born")
2. He is God ("Unto a Son is Given")

II. Christ is Wonderful in his TASK.
A}. He is A King who governs
B}. He is A King who Bears all the weight of Government


III. Christ is Wonderful in his NAMES.
A}. Wonderful Counselor
B}. The Might God
C}. The Everlasting Father
D}. The Prince of Peace.