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Nine Essential Gnostic Points

1. Life is Tragic

a) Human Beings feel incomplete and lost, and carry a deep longing within themselves.

b) The physical world is a blind process without moral regard or care. We feel trapped and preyed upon. Human Beings struggle for meaning.

2. We recoil from the context of existence

a) Human Beings devise psychological defenses to protect themselves from the harshness of life.

b) Systems of law and order are generated to relieve our feelings of longing, injustice and alienation. We create a secondary reality of social, political, economic and religious patterns to distract ourselves from the terror and boredom of life.

c) These secondary systems and patterns degenerate and begin to emulate the tragic process from which they are meant to separate us.

3 . Existence traps us into a circle of powerlessness

a) No system ~ either natural or artificial ~ alleviates the human dilemma.

b) Life feels empty and meaningless.

4. We are aliens

a) The truth of our predicaments pushes us to sense an otherness inside ourselves.

b) This otherness is a window into a higher reality beyond all matter and energy ~ which is an alien presence within us identified as the spirit or spark.

5. We begin to unfold

a) We awaken to the spirit trapped within a hardened reality that is rigidly focused upon the world of physicality, emotionality and mental process.

b) We are pulled toward the inner reality and loosened from our fixed point of focus.

6. Our spiritual true Self has been revealed through individuals throughout human history

a) Many great teachers have become so identified with the spirit that they have served as observable windows into this other reality.

b) Through these windows, the knowledge ~ gnosis ~ of a completely separate reality is confirmed.

7. The decisive revelation of this separate reality was presented in Jesus of Nazareth, who is called the Christ ~ the revealer or anointed

a) Although Jesus is not the only revealer of this reality, he remains the clearest presentation of it to those born into the Western world.

b) Christ's mission was to reveal the spiritual truth of who we really are, and to be a guide to this separate reality from which we all come.

8. We become the greater reality

a) Understanding this revealed knowledge awakens Human Beings to their true origin and brings about an authentic change of awareness.

b) Through gnosis, Human Beings are freed from fear.

9. To remain asleep is to remain within the tragic context of the world

a) Those who remain unawakened to this separate reality remain stuck in this world and revisit over and over again their lostness and terror.

b) Since the spirit is totally alien to this world of energy and matter, ultimately, upon the death of the universe, all spiritual quality will be released from its bondage.

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